Welcome to the Web site for the Department of Comparative Religion, a division of the Worldwide Conference for Historical Research

The site offers papers and other documents on the subject of comparative religion, mainly from Manichaean sources and academic opinions.

  • Hinduism and other religions of India
  • Ancient Egyptian, Pharaonic lineage, Akhenaten
  • Judaism, before the Exodus and First Century
  • Chinese Buddhism
  • Tibetan Buddhism
  • Bonpo
  • Japanese Buddhism
  • Christian, various sects & cults

Finding your way around

To navigate the site, use the menu at the top. The "Manichaean Papers" section of the site offers a variety of papers and other documents in relation to the Manichaean religion, its development and belief system from ancient times and modern documentation.

The "Comparative Religion Index" section is currently under construction. When it is completed, it will contain comprehensive information and documentation concerning Hinduism, Ancient Egyptian religions, First Century Jewish sects, Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, and information regarding various Christian sects and cults, all compared to the ancient Manichaean religion.

Documentation is edited or compiled by Dr. Yar, D.D., M.A., Ph.D.

Recommended Reading

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